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Procon Training is your local Training provider that specialising in training courses specific to the Civil Construction industry, while also providing other services essential to businesses. So, whether it is TRAINING of your staff (onsite and offsite), providing STATIC PLANT RISK ASSESSMENTS and reports for your machinery, TEST AND TAG services for your appliances and cables or STAFFING SOLUTIONS we are here to help.

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Our Popular Traffic Control, Civil Construction Short Courses in Melbourne

Procon Training offers a wide variety of quality courses with no prior requirements. From regular students to corporate employees, anyone can take up our programs to develop skills. Our rigorous practical hands-on coaching assists the graduating students in reaching their full potential so they can readily apply for any job in the industry.


  • Unit Code : HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • Unit Duration : 1/2 day
  • Unit Cost : $80

  • Course Code : 22597VIC Course in Workplace Spotting for Service Assets
  • Unit Code : VU23165 Observe and manage the safe operation of plant and equipment around overhead and underground assets

    HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

  • Course Duration : 2 day
  • Course Cost : $410
traffic management ticket course traffic control tickets melbourne

  • Unit Code : RIIMPO317F Conduct Roller operations.

    RIIMPO318F Conduct Civil Construction Skidsteer operations.

    RIIMPO319E Conduct Backhoe Loader operations.

    RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction Excavator operations.

    RIIMPO321F Conduct civil construction Wheeled Front-end Loader operations.

    RIIMPO323F Conduct civil construction Dozer operations.

  • Unit Duration : 3 days depending on Machine and experience
  • Unit Cost : $500 per Machine

Our Packages Price

In consultation with industry and the relevant regulatory and business bodies in Victoria, Procon Training has created packages that will ensure you will be ready to apply for work once you finish with us. Our packages are tailored for different parts of the construction industry. Below you can find the full list of prices for our packaged programs.

Traffic Package (White Card, Traffic Control, Traffic Management)

Price : $500
Spotters package for New Spotters (White card, Spotters, First Aid, CPR, Excavator ticket)

Price : $ 990
Plant Operator Package (5 plant tickets)

Price : $2000

Civil Construction Courses in Melbourne

Procon Training is one of the leading RTO training providers in Melbourne specialising in a wide array of civil construction courses in Melbourne. But that’s not all! What sets us apart and makes our training programs stand out is the fact that all our courses come with no-prior requirements. This means, anyone from corporate courses to students fresh off uni can be a part of our endeavor. From traffic management courses in Melbourne to civil construction courses, traffic control, and more- you can find all the nitty-gritty of construction right here under the growing wings of Procon Training. Whether you are looking for a specific set of skills to climb the career ladder or simply wanting to break into the industry with full-term employment- Procon Training can help you establish yourself as a civil construction leader of tomorrow.One of the booming industries of today, Civil construction courses in Melbourne have snagged a huge portion of the training market with construction still being one of the dominating sectors that never cease to grow. Now while the industry of construction comes with perks of its own, quality of work and safety of the workers is still a developing phase with many training centres now capitalizing on proper coaching. However, in cases that require on-field experience, practical or book knowledge is integral, but not enough! This is probably why all our civil construction courses in Melbourne are backed by hands-on training that helps to graduate students with real-time experiences and expertise so that you can be expertly prepared for a full-time job post your training course.

Explore Our Full Scope of Civil Construction & Traffic Management and Traffic Control Courses in Melbourne Although lucrative, the entire scope of civil construction including the field jobs are critical from planning to execution. To top that off, this is also one of the few dangerous jobs out there which is why this booming industry demands a talent pool that has undergone rigorous training. At the wake of this, Procon Training, being one of the largest RTO training organizations in Melbourne has created a full-spectrum training course that focuses on an all-rounder approach to civil construction and traffic management, with each course carefully designed to maximize knowledge and work exposure parallelly.

A Sneak Peek of Our Civil Construction Courses in Melbourne

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You don’t need a long-term commitment to being a part of Procon Training. Our regular courses are short-termed yet packed to the brim with technical know-how and real-time experiences. However, if you’re struggling to keep up with our short-term courses, you can always opt for our small workshops which operate on a one-day or over the weekend basis! All you need to do is keep posted on our website for updates or subscribe to our Facebook page to get notifications of our latest updates!

Check out our Package Prices We have custom-created our pricing packages based on all the business, regulatory, and contractual requirements in Victoria. In fact, eligible students can also benefit from Govt-subsidized training. Please browse through our pricing table to understand the full range of our prices based on the programs you choose.

Who We Are If you’re looking for an RTO providing license and training solutions, Procon Training is the place to be. From providing traffic management and control courses to specializing in civil construction courses in Melbourne, our premium RTO focuses on a large variety of programs that are backed by innovation, technological-backbone, and most importantly through a holistic approach that covers a 360-aspect of the field, both theoretically and practically! You don’t need a particular educational background or a rare-specific skill set to join our RTO training in Australia. In fact, Procon Training also offers civil construction courses for local students in Melbourne.

Life at Procon

When you join Procon, we won’t bound you to hourly classes and boring assessments! Life at Procon is all about creating a comfortable yet competitive, supporting yet challenging environment so that you can not only associate yourself with the bookish know-how but also learn how to implement real-time experiences with hands-on workshops and understand how companies help you solve challenges! We promise you, you’ll be ready for a full-time job by the time you’re done with our courses.

Course Module at Procon Training

We believe in sourcing nothing but the best, and we are not just talking about our students. Being one of the top RTO providing licensing and training solutions, our civil construction courses are headed by highly-qualified trainers and faculties. From helping you identify the ongoing lessons to assisting you in participatory training and more- trainers at Procon are industry-accredited to help you grow as an all-rounder!

Safety By Your Side

Nothing compromises work and training safety and we cannot emphasize this enough! While hands-on training is crucial for the growth of a student, we believe working under supervised conditions with strict safety measures are irreplaceable which is also one of the reasons why our civil construction course initially focuses on theory, slowly and steadily moving into workshops. This allows them to first gather the required knowledge and then experience a hands-on approach to problem-solving which can help them slowly transition from our training to a full-time job with ease!

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Construction Induction Card and White Card

Construction Induction Card and White Card

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