Can you ‘Spot’ This Opportunity From Miles Away?

Breaking into the construction and building industry could be awesome. especially since this industry is ever-growing which means development opportunities are just ‘round the corner if you know where to look! However, if you want to turn the future leaders of tomorrow into steady workhorses, a basic civil construction course may not be enough! There are a lot of different genres that come together to form the entire gamut of construction, one such opportunity being a ‘Spotter’. Now before we move into how an electrical spotter course can help you, let us help you understand the concept first!

What does a spotter do?

A spotter will be your extra pair of eyes often helping equipment operators and workers on the construction site recognise power or utility lines. Spotters are usually placed to warn the workers of any sewage, power, water, or other utility lines that are often underground and go unnoticed. In a way, You can call ‘Spotters’ safety observers for the construction crew!

What can you expect in an Electrical Spotter Course From Melbourney

Our Electrical Spotter Course is more of an accredited training program with vocational results and the end goal is to get recognised by Energy Safe Victoria or ESV as a registered spotter! Hence, this course will not only help you climb the employment ladder but also help you understand the subject with hands-on training to back up your learning!

Here’s what you can expect after your Electrical Spotter Course

As a recognised member of our Electrical Spotter Course in Melbourne, here’s what you can expect to post your course completion-

  • Identify the operational envelope of equipment
  • Identify on-site hazards such as underground utility lines
  • Identify hazards/obstruction to smooth operation
  • Identify safety measures and implement it
  • Identify casualties in workplaces and provide a first aid response, if needed
  • Identify emergency procedures and facilitate emergency activities

Want to know more about our entry requirements, course duration, and more? Check out our course range or download the Electrical Spotter Course Pdf here.

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