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The role of a plant operator is absolutely necessary in the construction and mining industries. These professionals play a crucial role in levelling, excavating, and moving earth, rock, and minerals, essential elements for the success of any project.

From the initial preparation of machinery to their proficient operation and subsequent servicing, plant operators are the backbone of worksites, contributing significantly to project efficiency and progress. Their expertise ensures tasks are completed with precision and adherence to safety standards, making them invaluable assets in the industry.

Through our complete plant operator course, conducted on-site, you’ll receive top-notch instruction tailored to your specific needs. Upon successful completion of our training programme, you’ll not only gain valuable hands-on experience but also receive the appropriate operator ticket for your chosen machinery.

Throughout the course, you’ll develop skills in various units, including:

The below units can be conducted offsite on the employer’s equipment only. 

What is a Plant Ticket Operator?

A plant ticket operator is an individual certified to operate various types of machinery commonly used in civil construction and related industries. This includes operating equipment such as front end loaders, excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe/loaders, and rollers. Holding a plant ticket signifies competence and proficiency in handling these machines safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Procon for Plant Ticket Training?

At Procon, we deliver top-notch training that goes beyond the basics. Here’s why choosing us for your plant ticket course is the smart choice:

Multi-Machinery Ticket Course: Our program offers a unique opportunity to obtain multiple machinery tickets. Whether you aim for one ticket or up to five, our flexible schedule accommodates your learning needs.

Nationally Recognized Units of Competence: Our course comprises seven nationally recognized Units of Competence tailored specifically for machinery tickets. Each unit is carefully designed to cover essential aspects of operating different types of plant machinery.

Expert Guidance: Learn from industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Our instructors are dedicated to providing comprehensive training in a supportive environment, ensuring you gain practical skills and knowledge.

Safe Learning Environment: Safety is our priority. Our course allows ample time for hands-on practice in a controlled setting before formal assessment, ensuring you feel confident and competent when operating machinery on the job.

What Will You Gain from Our Plant Operator Course?

Upon successful completion of our course, you’ll receive a plant operator ticket. But that’s not all. Here’s what you’ll gain:

Practical Skills: Master the operation of various plant machinery, including backhoe/loaders, skid steer loaders, excavators, wheeled front end loaders, and rollers.

Industry-Recognized Certifications: Obtain nationally recognized certifications for each unit completed, enhancing your employability and career prospects in the construction industry.

Safety Awareness: Learn best practices for safe machinery operation, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your colleagues on the job site.

Efficiency and Productivity: Acquire techniques to operate machinery efficiently, increasing productivity and contributing to project success.

Versatility: With proficiency in multiple machinery types, you’ll be equipped to take on a variety of roles and tasks within the construction sector, expanding your career opportunities.

Prepare to operate backhoe/loaders to load, distribute, and place materials; skid steer loaders to load, haul, and distribute; excavators to lift, carry, and place materials; wheeled front end loaders, and rollers to compact material efficiently.