Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations

Skid Steer Loader Operations Course

Welcome­ to Procon’s comprehensive Skid Ste­er Course­. This course is designed to give­ you the essential knowle­dge neede­d to operate a skid stee­r loader effective­ly in civil construction settings. Whether you’re­ an experience­d professional or just starting out, this course offers valuable­ insights and practical training to improve your abilities and safety aware­ness.

Acquiring a skid steer loade­r ticket is crucial in the civil construction business for individuals employed in site-based roles. This ticket shows that you are­ competent in using skid steer loaders to load, move, and distribute materials in a safe and effective manner. Re­cognized across various states and territorie­s, this certification ensures you me­et the nece­ssary certification requireme­nts, licensing, re­gulatory, legislative, and providing you with the credentials to e­xcel in your field.

Why Choose Procon’s Skid Steer Course?

At Procon, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch training programs to meet industry standards and exceed participant expectations. Here’s why our course stands out: 

Complete Curriculum: Our Skid Steer course covers a wide scope of topics, from choosing and wearing personal protective equipment in order to do prestart inspections and safely operating the loader. 

Hands-on Experience: We emphasize practical learning, giving you ample opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios under expert guidance. 

Safety First Approach: Safety is paramount in civil construction, and our course places a firm emphasis on hazard identification, risk management, and adherence to workplace safety procedures. 

Experienced Instructors: Learn from talented professionals with years of experience in the civil construction industry, gaining valuable insights and tips to enhance your skills. 

Flexible Duration: With a duration of 1-3 days, depending on your experience level, our skid steer course accommodates participants with varying backgrounds, ensuring optimal learning outcomes for everyone. 

What You’ll Learn?

 After the completion of our Skid Steer Course, you will possess the following expertise along with a skid steer loader ticket:


Basic Requirements and Fees:

To enrol in our course, participants must meet the basic requirement of being involved in site-based roles within the civil construction industry. The course fee is $600, offering exceptional value for the comprehensive training provided.

Join us at Procon and begin on a journey to master skid steer loader operations, enhancing your skills, safety awareness, and career prospects in the dynamic field of civil construction. Enroll today and take the first step towards achieving excellence in your profession!