Traffic Control

traffic control and traffic management course traffic control refresher course melbourne

Unit Code for Course

RIIWHS205E – Control Traffic with a stop-slow bat 


This course is delivered over 1 day.

It is recommended that candidates also complete the traffic management course which is a requirement to implement a traffic management plan.


The cost to complete this qualification is $200

Entry Requirements 

Must be able to read and write basic English.

Traffic Control Training Course in Melbourne – Procon Training

Traffic controllers play an important role in the safe passage of motorists and pedestrians passing through a civil construction site. They also ensure workers are able to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

The traffic control training course in Melbourne provides the knowledge, skills and competency required for controlling traffic using stop-slow bats, hand signals and approved communication devices.

Why Enrol In The Traffic Control Training Course?

Certified traffic controllers are in high demand in a number of industries from roadworks and construction on public and private roads, shopping centres and public events, to Civil Construction sites and mines.

The traffic control training course will help you take the first step towards a promising and exciting new career in a broad range of industries.

When you complete your certification training in Melbourne from Procon Training, you will have the skills and confidence to demonstrate a high level of competence from the first day on the job. 

Your employers will know that you have the capability to take on the challenges of traffic control with minimum supervision.

Outcomes You Can Expect After Completing The Traffic Control Training Course

On completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Control traffic in a professional manner to enable motorists to negotiate safely through a worksite
  • Ensure that motorists and pedestrians can easily follow directions 
  • ·Control traffic in emergencies to minimise delays
  • Select and wear personal protective equipment required for work activities
  • Access, interpret and apply required workplace policies and procedures
  • Direct traffic using a handheld stop-slow bat and visibly clear and unobstructed hand signals as required
  • Monitor traffic, make adjustments to changing traffic conditions and position waiting vehicles as required
  • Communicate messages to other personnel, confirm recipient’s understanding and seek clarification as required
  •  Check and perform maintenance on approved communication devices according to requirements
  • Install and remove signs and devices in line with job requirements

Why Choose Procon Training for your Traffic Control Course in Melbourne?

At Procon Training our focus is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to help you successfully apply for a Traffic Controller role.

Procon Training is a nationally recognised and industry approved provider of Traffic control courses.

The course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to gain employment in a traffic controller role.

Run by a highly experienced team member, the course content includes presentations by a trainer as well as group work and practical activities.

The theoretical knowledge and practical training will you the confidence to perform your duties with a high level of competence even if you have never worked in the industry before.

For enquiries, please call 0404 554 535 or email enquiries@procon.edu.au



Yes, you need to do a refresher every 3 years. (Procon run refresher courses)

Yes, a White card is required to do any kind of building or construction work or enter any worksite.

Traffic Control only allows you to control traffic with a Stop Slow bat. Traffic Management allows you to set up the signs and closures of roads according to a Traffic Management plan.

It depends on a number of scenarios, generally speaking it is approximately $25-$32hr, this will change based on the site you work and the shifts and various penalties associated with each site.

In short No, but there are some companies that will require you to hold a First Aid qualification. It is an advantage if you do.

We run our courses every 2 weeks, although we can run them more often if the demand is there. Call us for upcoming course dates.

Our address is 1188-1210 Leakes Road, Rockbank Vic 3335.