Traffic Control / Traffic Management Combo

Control Traffic with a stop-slow bat / Implement traffic management plans

UNIT CODE: RIIWHS205E | Control Traffic with a stop-slow bat
UNIT CODE: RIIWHS302E | Implement traffic management plans

These units of competency provide the candidate with the required knowledge and understanding to be able to control traffic with stop-slow bat as well as implement a traffic management plan within the civil construction industry. 

It also provides them with the the mandatory work health and safety training required prior to undertaking construction work in order to work safely and prevent injury or harm to self and others.

What you will learn?

On completion of this course participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan, prepare and apply the site traffic plan procedures
  • Operate communication devices
  • Control traffic by means of traffic signs, barriers and a stop-slow bat
  • Plan and prepare to implement a traffic management plan
  • Set out, monitor, close down and clean up the traffic guidance scheme
  • Understand basic risk control measures
  • Identify procedures for responding to potential incidents and emergencies
  • Correctly select and fit common personal protective equipment PPE used for construction work

Why Choose Procon Training for your Traffic Control Management Course in Melbourne?

Procon Training is a nationally recognised and industry approved provider of Traffic control and management courses.

Our focus is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to help you advance your career from being a traffic controller to a traffic manager.

Run by a highly experienced team member, the course content includes presentations by a trainer as well as group work and practical activities.

The theoretical knowledge and practical training will give you the confidence to perform your duties with a high level of competence and improve your chances of success when applying for a job as a traffic manager.

Entry Requirements: Reading and Writing in Basic English
Duration: This course is delivered over 1 day.
Fees: The cost to complete this qualification is $400.
(Please note these units of competency can be completed individually)

We are conducting courses in and around the following suburbs.
Melton, Rockbank, Sunbury, Sunshine, Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne.
Let us help you get started in the Civil Construction industry. For enquiries please call 0404 554 535 or email:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, a White card is required to do any kind of building or construction work or enter any worksite.

Yes, a White card is required to do any kind of building or construction work or enter any worksite.

Traffic Control only allows you to control traffic with a Stop Slow bat. Traffic Management allows you to set up the signs and closures of roads according to a Traffic Management plan.

It depends on a number of scenarios, generally speaking it is approximately $25-$32hr, this will change based on the site you work and the shifts and various penalties associated with each site.

In short No, but there are some companies that will require you to hold a First Aid qualification. It is an advantage if you do.

We run our courses every 2 weeks, although we can run them more often if the demand is there. Call us for upcoming course dates.

Our address is 1188-1210 Leakes Road, Rockbank Vic 3335.

Procon offers an industry-approved Traffic Management Course to train people with the indispensable understanding vital for effective traffic control and the implementation of traffic control strategies in the context of the civil construction sector. We not only cover traffic control techniques, but our course places significant emphasis on compulsory safety and work health training essential for ensuring safe construction practices. Moreover, the course provides in-depth insights into risk assessment, incident response protocols, and the correct utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE) that involves construction sites.

Why Choose Our Course?

Selecting Procon for your Traffic Management training in Melbourne ensures you receive nationally recognized certification and industry-approved training. Our course is structured to empower you to transition from traffic controllers to proficient traffic managers. Led by experienced instructors, our program incorporates comprehensive theoretical learning, practical exercises, and group activities to provide a holistic experience of traffic control principles.

What Will You Gain from Our Course? 

  • After you finish the course, you’ll be experts at planning, creating and carrying out site traffic plans, making sure smooth and safe traffic flow within building areas. You’ll also master the effective operation of communication devices, facilitating clear and efficient communication among team members and stakeholders on-site.

  • Furthermore, you’ll gain proficiency in managing traffic by means of various tools such as traffic barriers, signs, and stop-slow bats, ensuring the safety of workers and the public alike. You’ll learn how to create thorough plans for traffic control, considering factors like traffic volume, site layout, and safety protocols.

  • You’ll also possess the ability to set up, oversee, and dismantle traffic guidance schemes, maintaining order and safety throughout the construction process. Understanding basic risk management measures will enable you to proactively identify and mitigate potential hazards, creating a safer working environment.

  • Additionally, you’ll learn the protocols for efficiently handling situations and crises, guaranteeing swift and coordinated action to minimize risks and damages. Finally, you’ll possess the ability to properly choose and fit standard personal protective equipment (PPE) used in construction work, prioritizing the safety and well-being of yourself and others on-site.

Basic Requirements and Fees:

To enrol in our Traffic Management Training, you need basic proficiency in writing and reading English. The course is taught in a single day, offering convenience without compromising on quality training. The total cost for achieving this training is $400. It’s worth noting that the units of competency can also be finished individually for those seeking specific skill enhancement.

Procon’s Traffic Management Training offers a wide blend of practical training and theoretical knowledge, empowering you to excel in roles in traffic management in the civil construction sector. Join us to elevate your career prospects and contribute to safer construction practices.